SPRING SESSION (8 Weeks): 3/11/19-5/3/19

This program is designed to prepare your toddlers for the fundamentals of Pre-K. All children are different and for some the idea of Pre-K can become overwhelming and scary. Imagine a program that allows your child to gently transition into the world of education with a positive and confident eagerness all while getting a head start in learning the building blocks of their academics. Sessions are divided up into age groups: 18-24 months, 2-2.5 years, 2.5+ years. Class registration includes an hour of open play (must be before or after class). *Please note Monday and Friday 2 hour sessions have different lesson plans. 

1 hour class + 1 hour open play: $280 (8 weeks) Drop-In (if available): $40/class

2 hour class: $440 (8 weeks) Drop-In (if available): $60/class Discounted open play available ($11/hour)

Discounted open play available ($11/hour, $80/session)

10% discount for the second class for Monday and Friday registrations, please use code: MONFRIPREK

18 months - 2 years

Tuesdays (18 mths - 2 yrs) , 9:30a-10:30a

2-3 years


Tuesdays (2-3 yrs), 11a-12p


Wednesdays (2-3 yrs), 9:30a-10:30a

Wednesdays  (2-3yrs), 11a-12p


2.5+ years (2 hour session)

Mondays (2.5+ yrs), 9:30a-11:30a*


Fridays (2.5+ yrs), 9:30a-11:30a*


*Please note Monday and Friday sessions have different lesson plans. 

Mandarin CHinese (2.5+)

A Chinese art class that exposes children to a wide range of subjects while incorporating classroom activities such as interactive play, art and craft projects, storytelling and music. Some sample projects include mixed media painting, pipe cleaner crafts and clay making. All activities are taught in 100% Mandarin but previous experience in Mandarin is not required. An hour of open play before or after class is included with registration.

$30/class for session, $35/drop-ins (if available) - an hour of open play included

Thursdays 3:30p-4:30p (starts Feb 28) - 6 weeks


A fun and interactive STEM classes for 3-5 year olds. Children are exposed to a wide range of topics through collaborative projects and hands-on experiments such as: playing games to explore the magic world of electricity, learning math concepts with blocks and observing chemical reactions by inflating balloons with soda and candy. Children will also take home a DIY toy each class including a paper helicopter, a popsicle stick catapult, a crystal letter, a magnetic slim, and a water and oil lamp. Materials are included with registration. Please note, open play is NOT included with registration and is offered for a discounted $11/hour before class. Caregiver participation recommended for ages 4 and under.

$35/class for session, $40/drop-ins (if available) - materials included

Thursdays, 4:30p-5:30p (starts Feb 28) - 6 weeks


Experience the best of our live, rockin' music class with a musical adventure exploring creativity and sense of wonder. Receive a booklet.  CD and musical instrument with registration. All ages. Fall session starts January 10 for 10 weeks. Please note,open play is NOT included with registration and is offered for a discounted $11/hour after class.

Winter Session (10 weeks): 1/10-3/14/19

Spring Session (10 weeks): 4/11-6/13/19

Thursdays 10-10:45a


Irish Dance Beginner classes for 2-5 year olds on Tuesdays (2/26-4/16) at 4:30p. 

$160/8 weeks,  $25/drop-ins, FREE trial for new families.

For more information and registration, contact curranirishdance@gmail.com.