SUMMER SESSION 2 (4 weeks): 8/9-8/30

FALL SESSION (6 weeks): 9/9-10/15

Our Mommy & Me programs are designed to give baby and mama a chance to get out and meet some new friends in a stimulating and fun environment. Our teacher-led classes provide a lightly structured format that incorporates sensory play, music, arts & crafts, circle time, movement, and plenty of socializing! We’ll even share some simple signing motions to help you and your baby communicate. Our goal is to introduce your little ones to the wonderful world of learning while connecting you to the wonderful moms in our community.

45 min class + 1 hour open play: $180 (6 weeks) Drop-In (if available): $35/class

Use coupon code “ttssocialtrial” for $35 off for FREE Trial for new families!

Sensory (9-18 months): Tuesdays: 12:15p-1p


SUMMER SESSION 2 (4 weeks): 8/5-8/30

FALL SESSION (6 weeks): 9/8-10/18

This program is designed to prepare your toddlers for the fundamentals of Pre-K. All children are different and for some the idea of Pre-K can become overwhelming and scary. Imagine a program that allows your child to gently transition into the world of education with a positive and confident eagerness all while getting a head start in learning the building blocks of their academics. Sessions are divided up into age groups: 18-24 months, 2-2.5 years, 2.5+ years. Class registration includes an hour of open play (must be before or after class). *Please note Monday and Friday 2 hour sessions have different lesson plans. 

1 hour class + 1 hour open play: $210 (6 weeks) Drop-In (if available): $40/class

2 hour class: $330 (6 weeks) Drop-In (if available): $60/class Discounted open play available ($11/class, $60/session)

18 months - 2 years

Tuesday (18 mths - 2 yrs) , 9:30a-10:30a

Wednesday (18 mths - 2 yrs) , 9:30a-10:30a

Tuesday (18 mths - 2 years), 11a-12p

2-3 years


Tuesday (2-3 yrs), 11a-12p - Summer ONLY

Wednesday (2-3 yrs), 11a-12p


2.5+ years (2 hour session)

*Please note Monday and Friday sessions have different lesson plans. 


Let’s reconnect, rebuild, and reclaim our power! We’re inviting all mamas and their babies to meet us on the mat for a rejuvenating 60-minute vinyasa. Our flows are designed to help mom regain core strength, release tension, and engage with their little ones! The environment will be casual and relaxed without expectation or judgment because who needs those anyway?! Here’s the deal, if you fall out of your tree pose, get back into it, and if you need to cluster feed, go for it, and if you feel like taking Savasana for the entire class, by all means… point is, being a mom is tough work and remembering to squeeze in a little self-care is even tougher but we’re all in this together. So, grab your mat and rediscover your tribe with us. Namaste.

Fall Session (6 weeks): $150 / $25 drop-in

FREE TRIAL: Friday (8/30)

Fridays, 12:15p-1:15p


Experience the best of our live, rockin' music class with a musical adventure exploring creativity and sense of wonder. Receive a booklet.  CD and musical instrument with registration. All ages. Fall session starts January 10 for 10 weeks. Please note, open play is NOT included with registration and is offered for a discounted $11/hour after class.

Summer Session (6 weeks): 7/11/19-8/15/19

Thursdays 10-10:45a


Students will learn basic Irish dance steps and experience Irish music rhythm and timing. Techniques will focus on trunk stability, balance, and coordination for beginner dancers.

Summer Session (4 weeks): 7/16/19-8/13/19

Tuesdays 4:30p

$80/4 weeks,  $25/drop-ins, FREE trial for new families.

For more information and registration, contact